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Regional Rehabilitative Care Program

Care Streams

Medically Complex Services

Medically complex and specialized services focus on prevention of further loss of function, and help to prepare clients for their next care setting whether that is home with or without supports, or to another level of rehabilitative care. Examples include: wound care; lymphedema, pulmonary conditions, and chronic diseases.

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Physical Rehabilitation Services

Physical rehabilitation offers high-intensity, time-limited services, with the goal of returning clients to a home setting reaching their maximal functional potential.

Orthopaedic/Musculoskeletal Services Neurological Services

Palliative & Transitional Care Services

Palliative Care Services offers services including End-of-Life Care. Transitional Care Services offers services for clients waiting for long-term care.

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Geriatric Assessment & Rehabilitative Care Services

Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitative Care offers low to medium-intensity, time- limited rehabilitation, with the goal of helping older adult clients improve their abilities to live independently.

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