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Northwest LHIN
Regional Rehabilitative Care Program

About The Program


The program was developed based on the following recommendations from the North West Local Health Integrated Network Rehabilitative Care Capacity Plan:

  1. Improve client experience and outcomes through the implementation of the RCA definitions framework to align rehabilitative care in the North West LHIN with the provincial framework;
  2. Develop a LHIN-wide strategy to improve client access and client transitions across the continuum of rehabilitative care; 
  3. Facilitate adherence to best practices for rehabilitative care to improve client-centred care;
  4. Enhance utilization of innovative technologies to improve access to rehabilitative care services closer to home, particularly in remote and under-serviced areas; and
  5. Develop and implement data collection and evaluation systems for quality of care monitoring and continuous quality improvement to improve resource efficiencies for the provision of client-centred care


The program includes the following components: a lead organization, Regional Rehabilitative Care Streams, flexibility in local health hubs to meet care needs, partnerships with the local heath hubs and Integrated Health Care Organizations, identification of specialized regional programs, and improved regional access to all rehabilitative care services. 

The Governance Structure of the Regional Rehabilitative Care Program includes accountability to both the North West LHIN and St. Joseph's Care Group and an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee guides the program and consists of partners across the North West LHIN geographically and along the continuum of care .

Lead Organization

The LHIN has appointed St. Joseph’s Care Group as the Rehabilitative Care Lead Organization. The lead organization will provide the required leadership for:

  • Coordination and planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Evidence-based practice knowledge translation
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Research
  • Capacity-building
  • Advocacy

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