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Northwest LHIN
Regional Rehabilitative Care Program

One Step Ahead

Working with partners across Ontario to strengthen and standardize rehabilitative care.

Our goal is to create an integrated system of care across the full continuum - from primary care to hospital to outpatient and community and back home for everyone in Northwestern Ontario who could benefit from rehabilitative care. Regardless of the setting people will receive care that is client-centred, sensitive to diversity and culture, delivered by an interprofessional team and close to home.


Improving Experiences
Improve client experience and outcomes through the implementation of the RCA definitions framework to align rehabilitative care in the North West LHIN with the provincial framework.
Strategic Planning
Develop a LHIN-wide strategy to improve client access and client transitions across the continuum of rehabilitative care.
Facilitate Best Practices
Facilitate adherence to best practices for rehabilitative care to improve client-centred care.
Innovative Technologies
Enhance utilization of innovative technologies to improve access to rehabilitative care services closer to home, particularly in remote and underserviced areas.
Improving Quality
Develop and implement data collection and evaluation systems for quality of care monitoring and continuous quality improvement to improve resource efficiencies for the provision of client-centred care.

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